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How to play Snowy Fields after Adobe Flash support ends in 2021

Greetings penguins and parents!

As you may have heard, Adobe Flash is officially ending support of their Flash Player on December 31st, 2020. Alongside it, many major browsers are following suit and also ending support for Adobe Flash, including Mozilla's FireFox and Google Chrome to name a few.

Here at Snowy Fields, our extraordinary Development Team created a downloadable client for you or your child to continue to play Snowy Fields on!

At this time, our downloadable client comes in two version: one for the Windows operating system and one for the Mac operating system. Linux devices, mobile, and Chromebooks are unsupported with the Snowy Fields Client. These other operating systems will eventually have versions of the Snowy Fields Client release for them in time.

To download the Windows Client, click here.

To download the Mac client, click here.

- The Snowy Fields Team

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